What the best Tiffin Service Provider can provide

In the home the best food is from own mother’s hand. However, for many of Indian, movement from outside the home required for the making a good life for the family. At that time, the missing part is the homely food from mother’s hand. Especially for lunch and dinner, many outsiders depend upon the tiffin service. In many ways these tiffin services in various town and cities help the outsiders.

Advantages of Taking service from tiffin service:

  1. Not to take headache over preparing food
  2. Save time
  3. Free from spicy, oily, greasy food from restaurant
  4. Cost effective

 Responsibilities of tiffin service provider:

As the tiffin server is providing food to the outsiders, the company should treat them as guest and take care of each and every demand. In addition to this, the tiffin service provider can adhere below mentioned things from washing to cooking to packing and delivery.

  1. To wash and dry the hands thoroughly before handling food and wash and dry them again frequently during the work.
  2. To dry the hands with a clean towel, disposable paper towel, etc.
  3. To wear clean protective clothing, such as an apron during cooking and packing.
  4. To keep the spare clothes and other personal items away from where food is stored and prepared.
  5. Ladies’ employees tie back and cover long hair.
  6. To keep fingernails short and don’t wear nail polish because it can chip into the food.
  7. To change disposable gloves regularly.

Responsibility In food preparation Food Preparation:

  1. To serve hygienic and tasty meals to our Esteemed Customers.
  2. To wash hand and sanitize before preparing food.
  3. To sanitize vegetables and poultry items properly.
  4. To keep the preparation surface clean.
  5. To store food in appropriate place.
  6. Regularly do clearing of food storage area and kitchen.
  7. To wash the utensils and cooking parts with soapy hot water.

Responsibilities in Delivery:

  1. Hygienically packed and safely delivered in sealed bag.
  2. To maintain social distancing during delivery.

Meal Plan:

  1. To choose the cuisine suitable for all the customers
  2. All different menu for whole week
  3. To use 5 to 6 different types of spices food weekly, so that the customers are not feel bored eating a same type of taste
  4. To provide occasionally surprise items like sweet, custard, kheer, etc.

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